Henry Chen & Ssong Yang crossed paths at the Rhode Island School of Design where they learned to explore, discover, and create. They galvanized around the idea of human expression and brought their energy to NYC. Having danced in Brazil, barbecued in Nairobi, and setting a street performance in Beijing, they continue to search for a compelling story to tell. They traveled to India to direct Saroo Brierley : Homeward Bound, a film that has been featured in AdWeek Top 10 commercial of the week, Forbes Top 20 most memorable ads and as one of TED's "10 Ads Worth Spreading" for 2014. They then picked up the Young Directors Award at Cannes and was shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2014. They made their first music video debut with Hozier, "From Eden” which was nominated for best concept at the BMVA. In 2015 they were awarded a Silver Lynx at 2015 Dubai Lynx Award for their work with Nescafe and also picked up both a Silver & Bronze at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival, including a Gold Clio for their work with Delta. Most recently they nabbed a Bronze at the 2016 Spikes Asia for their first Chinese market film "All for that First Hello." Their film Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound was featured as a primetime spot during the 89th Academy Awards. Henry’s short film “The Love Motel” was recently an official selection at 2018 HIFF and is currently on the festival circuit.

Henry is currently developing his first feature “Vincent” with the help of the Sundance Institute and Ssong is working with local grassroots organizations making the world a better place.








US Representation:

Caroline Gibney
Station Film
3461 Holdrege Ave  Suite C
Los Angeles, CA 90016

UK Representation:

Sheridan Thomas
Great Guns UK
12 - 48 Southampton Row
London WC1B 4AF, UK

Asia Representation:

Charlie Chen
No.155 Wuchang Rd., 
Taichung, Taiwan 404